CDC Faculty

LeeAnn Schulte, CDC Director

LeeAnn has been director of the CDC since October of 2016

Sharon Grier, Assistant Director and 4 Year Olds

Mrs. Sharon also teaches our 4 year olds. Mrs. Sharon has been with us here at Calvary for a long time and is truly someone who loves children.

Sheralyn Johnson, Advanced Toddlers

Ms. Sheralyn has worked at Calvary for several years.  She truly loves working with our advanced toddlers.

Cathy Evans, Infants

Ms. Cathy works with our babies in our nursery. Mrs. Cathy has been with us for several years and thoroughly loves her babies.

Anna Terry, Infants

Imari Bowman, 2 Year Olds

Ms. Imari has worked at Calvary for many years.  She is currently teaching our 2 year old class and thoroughly loves each minute of her day with the children.

Mary Adair, 3 Year Olds

Aleisha Brown, Afterschoolers

Laura Hawthorne, Afterschoolers

Arsheena Kennedy, Classroom Floater