About Us

Calvary Baptist Wetumpka is unique in its origin.  Calvary is a Baptist Church that was founded by Methodist and built on property contributed by a Presbyterian.  It all began in 1937 when God burdened the hearts of 3 ladies, from the local Methodist Missionary Society, to do something about perhaps the most neglected place in Wetumpka.  These ladies, under God's leadership, saw the need of a Sunday School for children of the Textile Mill Village.  On the first Sunday in June 1937, the Sunday School was started with 15 members in an old building owned by the School Board and located next to the Hohenberg Grammar School.  During this first summer, with 175 window panes missing in the building, many battles were fought with flies, gnats and mosquitoes, but the seeds had been planted and nothing would stop them from growing.  During the first year, the Sunday School and Worship Services (held 2nd and 4th Sundays) experienced a steady growth that reached 40 by the end of 1937.

In June 1938 a Bible School was led by a Presbyterian Student Pastor.  A picnic was held on the last day with 79 members and many parents attending.  From the Bible School a Young People's Society was formed by Mrs. W.B. Thomas.

In July 1938, a meeting was called to discuss a badly needed building because the one being used was needed by the Elmore County School System.  The Sunday School Superintendent, teachers, and five local men met and prayed to God that He would direct this little band of people as they undertook what seemed to be an impossible task.  During the meeting a contractor agreed to draw the plans and supervise the building at no cost.  Mrs. Emma Smoot, a Presbyterian, donated a beautiful, tree covered lot on Osceola Street.  Men from the Mill Village and Sunset Heights, another neglected area, gave of their spare time, and the building began.

In September 1938, the building was completed, and the group moved in.  The first Sunday approximately 75 people were present.

In less than a year the Union Chapel Church debt was paid in full and dedication services were held July 23, 1939.

By early 1940, most of the people attending Union Chapel were Baptist so on September 22, 1940, a conference was held for the purpose of making Union Chapel a Baptist Church. 

The church was named Second Baptist Church in 1941 and had 25 charter members.

One of the greatest revivals held at Second Baptist was in 1951.  There were several rededications and 33 additions to the Church, 27 by profession of faith and baptism.  

In later years Second Baptist purchased additional adjoining lots and continued to grow.  In the summer of 1962, a new brick Sanctuary was completed on the corner lot.  The old wooden building would be used for Sunday School rooms.

In 1973, the church once again expanded by building a new Educational Building and Fellowship hall. 

Second Baptist Church officially changed it's name to Calvary Baptist Church on August 8, 1976 as part of the Homecoming Celebration.

In 1992, a modern Sanctuary connecting to the original Fellowship Hall and the modular classrooms has been completed.  The old Sanctuary was converted into the Fellowship Hall with the old Fellowship Hall becoming the Church Offices.

As you can see Calvary has a rich history and God continues to bless what He started back in 1937.  May God's Work Carry On At Calvary For Many Years To Come.